We run authentic youth development projects aimed at empowering young Africans with the necessary career and personal development skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Upfolio Internship Program(UIP)

The Upfolio Internship Program(UIP) aims to provide highly motivated individuals with opportunities to develop meaningful work experience, through a 3 month-long , internship program in selected organizations, in their prospective area of expertise.

The program is designed to provide an enriching experience, characterized by measurable on-the-job training to help interns develop the necessary technical skills needed to thrive in their chosen work industry. It also provides an opportunity for selected interns to network and build long-term relationships with industry experts and fellow interns. They would also receive stipends to encourage them to perform their roles to the host organization.

Upon completion of their internship program, participants would be able to:

  • Apply their craft in a workspace

  • Update their resume(CV)

  • Present work deliverables and records to present to potential employers.

  • Requirements for Eligibility

    • This is the pioneer edition of this internship program and to ensure a fulfilling experience for the selected candidates, the program is only open to residents of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria.
    • Applicants must possess some skills in their chosen field of interest.
    • Multiple applications would lead to automatic disqualification.
    • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills; and an ability to work in a team.

    Selection Process:

    Stage 1: Online application

    Stage 2: Virtual interview

    Stage 3: UIP orientation/ training

    Upfolio Resource Bank

    The Upfolio Resource bank is an online compendium of digital resources in written, spoken and visual forms crowdsourced from volunteer contributors. The free resources cut across many work fields or niches, aiming to Fastrack the career journey of African youths like you.

    We chose to embark on this project after surveying a sample group of our community, in which 91% noted that having enough information about their present career niche early enough would have significantly changed the current results.


  • What can I find on this resource bank?

  • It offers access to materials in a wide variety of fields such as Tech, business, finance and, as you may least expect, entertainment.

  • Is it free or paid?

  • It is 100% free

  • Do I have to worry about copyright issues?

  • All available materials on the resource bank are permissible for sharing.

  • How about ease of access?

  • The resources are well categorised, and you can conveniently find your needle in our haystack.