We are a youth-led organization whose mission is to develop young Africans who want to make a difference in the world. One of the ways we do this is through our excellently presented programs.Upfolio holds a number of official sessions, semi-formal gatherings and spaces on different channels to address pressing issues, answer burning questions, make a difference in young people's lives and create influence.


This is a series of virtual preparation master classes with the aim to prepare, inform and equip young and prospective applicants for various application processes that young Africans find difficult to understand, so as to better amplify their chances of getting in.

Tony Elumelu Foundation(TEF) Information Session

  • Guest Speaker(s): Chioma Ukonu, Uchenna Nnodim, Issac Sesi, Okey Esse
  • Venue: Google Meet
  • Date(s): 12th - 13th March, 2021
  • Session Playback: Click here

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is an African non-profit organization founded in 2010 by Tony O. Elumelu with the objective is to empower women and men across our continent, catalysing economic growth, driving poverty eradication and ensuring job creation. So far, the Foundation has empowered 7,520 African entrepreneurs across 54 African countries. Wondering what you'd need for your Tony Elumelu Foundation application? Well, you're not alone and because of that, Upfolio came up with a free virtual session to help navigate the murky waters of your application.

The Mandela Washington Fellowship(MWF) Information Session

  • Guest Speaker(s): Adepeju Jaiyeoba, Olugbenga Ogunbowale
  • Venue: Google Meet
  • Date(s): 10th - 11th September, 2021
  • Session Playback: Click here

Established in 2014, the Mandela Washington Fellowship has brought nearly 5,100 young leaders from every country in Sub-Saharan Africa to the United States for academic and leadership training. The Fellows, between the ages of 25 and 35, are accomplished innovators and leaders in their communities and countries. Upfolio helped with key information and tips for the application and more

Discovering Fully Funded Scholarships & Navigating Them With Confidence

  • Guest Speaker(s): Oyindamola Ossi, Chucks Amahia
  • Venue: Google Meet
  • Date(s): Saturday, July 15 2023
  • Session Playback: Click here

The information session we are hosting next is on fully funded scholarships and how to properly navigate them. Its focus will be on the specific requirements and obligations that come with applying for scholarships, Practical steps that show the road map for students to follow to get scholarships, Key elements of successful applications, and how to identify scholarship opportunities that are available to international students.


This is a series of virtual master classes with the aim to equip young people with in-demand leadership and capacity development skills for personal development and ultimately help them build better.

Meaningful Volunteering

  • Guest Speaker(s): Chinenye Adeleye
  • Venue: Google Meet
  • Date(s): 10th December, 2021

Upfolio had its first Capacity Development Session!? A set of masterclasses designed to provide young people with in-demand leadership skills while also assisting with personal development.

Navigating A Toxic Work Environment

  • Guest Speaker(s): Ifeoluwa Idowu
  • Venue: Twitter Spaces
  • Date(s): 22nd April, 2022

The recent uproar had us mortified and we thought to have a conversation on it. We provided an opportunity for anyone interested to rant and get things off their chests.